The Health Benefits of Curry

Masala Island Indian Restaurant on the Gold Coast are proud to serve curry that is not only delicious, but also full of health benefits. The spices and curry powders that we use in our curries are packed with goodness.

Most curry powders contain sweet basil, turmeric, red pepper, coriander, cumin and/or cardamom. You can also find curry powders that include ginger, cinnamon, garlic, fennel seeds and/or mustard seeds. These spices and seeds have their own individual health benefits, so when combined into one curry powder, you get the benefits of all of them.  Here are just some of the health benefits curry possesses that Masala Island Indian Restaurant Love.

Curry Health Benefits That Masala Island Indian Restaurant Loves

Turmeric is a wonderful ingredient that helps with reducing inflammation the same way ibuprofen does and helps maintain healthy bones. Within the ingredient turmeric, you can find a component called curcumin. Curcumin is linked to many different health benefits including reducing the chances of cancer, reducing the chances of Alzheimer’s and helps maintain a healthy liver.

Another two wonderful ingredients, cardamom and sweet basil, have shown abilities in decreasing tension in the body’s blood vessels. This in turn leads to a decrease in blood pressure, therefore reducing the chances of heart disease and other issues like strokes.

When it comes to coriander, people seem to either love it, or hate it. Perhaps this will change your mind! Coriander is another reason why curry powder and curries are good for your health. It has antibacterial properties, which means when ingested can increase the health of your digestive system. It can also help strengthen your immune system.

I don’t know about you, but ordering Indian take away for dinner is looking pretty good right now! Or, why not come and dine in at Masala Island Indian Restaurant and see why our customers think we are the best Indian restaurant on the Gold Coast.

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